Bellows Seals

Bellows Seals

Stein’s design and technical expertise in the manufacture of seals has resulted in a bellows seal with reliable, consistent performance unusual in the industry. Generally paired with face seals, our bellows seals offer outstanding performance in gas or liquid applications characterized by highly toxic, corrosive, high temperature and high-pressure environments. Depending on the application, bellows may be machined, or either hydroformed or welded using Inconel, titanium or 300 stainless steel.

Key Bellows Features:

  • Forms a frictionless secondary seal when used with other seals
  • Supplies axial springing for the mechanical seal that allows the bellows to operate over a long axial length
  • Pressure balanced under actual design operating pressures to ensure consistent performance

Manufacturing Types of Bellow Seals:

  • Machined
  • Edge-Welded
  • Hydroformed

Styles of Bellow Seals:

  • Toroidal
  • Rippled Cantilevered
  • Coned
  • Flat Cantilevered
  • Nested Ripple

General Performance Characteristics:

  • Shaft rotation speeds up to 152.4 meters per second (500 feet per second)
  • Temperature ranges up to 400° C (800° F)
  • Delta pressure ranges up to 1,500 KPa (220 psi)
  • Diameter sizes range up to 60 cm (24 in.)


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