Reverse Engineering Capabilities

Customers sometimes find themselves needing to purchase obsolete mechanical seal assemblies in support of critical machinery.  This can occur if the seal manufacturer goes out of business or decides not to continue to manufacture the assembly at a reasonable price.  We offer reverse engineering services for mechanical seals and associated parts at a nominal charge when it leads to the sale of the reverse engineered product.

Our engineers are familiar with most types of seals and the design requirements for their proper performance. Typically, our engineers would want the customer to send several examples of the subject seal to help determine the allowable dimensional variation of part.  These parts are then measured on calibrated Coordinate Measuring Machines to determine the exact dimensions of the components used.

Chemical and physical analysis is performed on all critical components to determine not only the material, but the processing required for that material.  Our carbon suppliers are willing to verify the manufacturer and grade of any carbon that may be used in the subject seal.


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