Whether it be in a centrifuge, compressor or pump, Stein’s seals effectively prevent the leakage of hazardous gases and liquids under low differential pressure from escaping into the environment.

Industrial Seals

When your “off-the-shelf” industrial seals take your product off the cliff, it is time to call in the sealing experts at Stein Seal Industrial Division.  Our custom seal designs are tailored to the unique requirements of your machine using the latest in advanced sealing technology.  We will often work with the OEM at the start of the machine design process to provide the best environment for an affordable seal system with minimum wear and leakage.  Users can also benefit from working with us by replacing their overpriced catalog seal with one specifically designed for the work environment of their machine.

Our dedicated design staff has many years of successful experience in using mechanical sealing systems in demanding mechanical applications.  Typical designs may include face seals with O-ring, piston ring or bellows secondaries, bushing seals, circumferential seals, or brush seals.  Both the face seals and circumferential seals may have hydrodynamic or hydrostatic lift geometries for higher pressure applications.  We note that with over 65 years of seal design experience, we have patented over 50 improvements to our seal designs.

Our manufacturing systems are designed to provide a rapid delivery of our products to our customers.  We recognize that our customers need our products delivered quickly and we carry a substantial amount of raw material to reduce this manufacturing time.  Our special process suppliers offer quick turns on their processes to help speed our deliveries.  We can carry completed components for repeat orders under negotiated terms.

Some of our customers ask us to perform product verification testing at our dynamic test facility.  We have the capability of simulating the conditions in your machine to determine the performance of the mechanical seal that we have designed for you.  Our dynamic test set-ups are powered by as much as 300 horsepower DC motors and can rotate up to 25,000 RPM.  A variety of fluids and gases can be used at moderate or high pressure to evaluate seal performance.

Our products are in a wide range of products including compressors, centrifuges, generators, desalinization plants, aluminum refining and oil refineries.  Many of these are critical applications and demonstrate the trust our customers have in us.  We hope you will allow us to earn your trust as a valued supplier to you as well.

Seal evaluation, service, and repair.

Stein Seal industrial offers full-service mechanical seal repair. Many organizations offer repair services, but very few offer the evaluation and engineering acumen that Stein can provide. Stein operates several fully staffed seal repair and service centers. Our technical and repair staff have over a hundred years of combined experience in the mechanical seal industry.
Stein also offers on-site evaluation and investigation of seal and component failure.

Repair Process

Upon receiving a broken, damaged, or worn-out seal, repair experts will thoroughly clean and inspect the mechanical Seal to assess the extent of the damage. From here, we will determine what parts need to be refurbished and replaced, and we will provide a complete damage report and quotation. Customers can often save 30% to 60% of new seal replacement costs.


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