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We Are Providers of Seals and Sealing Systems

Proven By History

Since 1955, Stein Seal Company has been a leading provider of custom designed seals and precision components for use in a wide variety of aerospace, marine and industrial applications. Starting in a rented space with five employees, Stein Seal steadily grew into the recognized industry leader we are today. In 1987, we moved into our own modern manufacturing plant, and with building additions over the years, now have over 100,000 square feet in this highly specialized facility.

As a privately owned company, we have remained focused on our long-term growth strategy regardless of economic and market fluctuations. With over 200 employees and manufacturing facilities strategically located both inside and out of the United States, Stein Seal, along with its affiliated companies, is ideally positioned to provide design, development, sales and service worldwide.

Stein Seal’s expertise lies in the design, testing and manufacture of seals and precision components for the demanding and critical applications in military and commercial aircraft engines, power generation equipment, pumps, compressors, centrifuges, and both the military and commercial marine industry. Surpassing our customers’ expectations by setting the highest standards for design proficiency and originality, constantly investigating new materials and processes, and refining our ability to manufacture to rigorous tolerances have made us the premier supplier of seals and specialty machined components.


Leading Into the Future

As technology advances and expands, Stein Seal is dedicated to remain at the forefront of innovation. We will draw on our extensive technological and industry application experience to deliver unparalleled value in both products and services to exceed our customers’ expectations. As new markets emerge and traditional markets evolve, our customers can continue to rely on Stein Seal as their partner in future growth and success.

Only the Best People and Tools

The key to maintaining our competitive edge is our investment in creative, technically expert employees as well as in the tools they need to perform at consistently high levels.

Our employees have that special combination of solid qualifications, education, and years of hands-on experience to ensure our customers get the best. Additionally, we encourage our engineering staff, the leading talent in their specialized fields, to continue to add to their skills and knowledge. The results of this investment are evident in the many design patents and advanced degrees held by our employees.

Only the best tools will suffice as well. Significant annual investment in manufacturing equipment, CAD/CAM and COSMOS/M software systems, machining centers, custom fixturing and testing devices, combined with efficient manufacturing techniques, such as 5S and Lean and Cellular Manufacturing, guarantees that we can meet our customers’ current and future design and manufacturing requirements.

Whether our customers’ applications require complex manufacturing using state-of-the-art equipment available in our US facilities, or more standard machining processes available economically through our offshore facilities, our customers are assured of only the highest quality products, and cost-effective pricing in the fastest ‘to-market’ time available.

How We Work with Your Team

The Stein Seal Company takes the position we are providing a sealing system solution to our customers not just a seal to fill a space.

We listen to the customer to learn the operating conditions, specifications and cost target to be met. Our company then develops a proposal to meet these requirements and review it with the customer where needed.

If issues remain we work with the customer to mitigate those issues. Our goal is working with the customer to meet their every expectation.

Our proven ability to work side-by-side with our customers as a team is the foundation for our continued success and growth. Our collaborative style means that we are able to deliver innovative solutions of significant value. This cooperative approach, our commitment to technological proficiency, and our wide-range of application experience have earned us the leadership position on which we are building for tomorrow.

Stringent quality controls from design through manufacturing let Stein Seal meet and surpass the most rigorous industry standards and our customers’ expectations. Our own quality standards for dimensions, tolerances and finishes ensure that our seals operate at pressures, speeds, and elevated temperatures with minimal leakage and low rubbing wear. This is especially important in compressor and pipeline applications as well as high-performance aircraft engine applications.

Quality Policy

It is the policy of the Organization to offer products and services that fill a wide range of customer needs, pursue and deserve a reputation for quality leadership, and earn customer trust through conformance to specifications and continuous improvement.

Our Quality certifications include:

· ISO 9001:2015

· AS 9100D

· National Aerospace and Defense Contractors Accreditation for Welding (NADCAP-Welding)

· NADCAP Non Destructive Testing (NDT)

· Self-Release Supplier (aerospace)

· Certified to perform our own audits

Manufacturing quality processes:

· Six Sigma

· Statistical Process Industry

· Design for Manufacturability

· Failure Modes Effects and Criticality Analysis (FMECA)

Seal supply is a global business.  We have customers located in many countries world-wide and many have divisions that located across multiple continents.  To better serve these customers, we have subsidiaries located in Mexico, India, and the Czech Republic, along with a Sales Office in the UK.  These subsidiaries are equipped with modern computer-controlled machining centers including computer controlled CMMs for measuring finished parts.

The engineering departments of our subsidiaries are staffed by personnel who are familiar with our products and can in many cases answer engineering, sales, and service questions directly, without having to contact the home plant for direction.  All three of our subsidiaries are ISO 9001 and AS9100 certified and are familiar with the quality requirements needed by most of our customers.  Many of our employees are bilingual and those that deal with customers speak and understand English.

If you are in need of a skilled designer and manufacturer of seals, our multiple locations should give you comfort that Stein Seal will provide you the seals you need at a reasonable price regardless of your location.  Our staff would be pleased to travel to your location and with web-based communication such as Web Ex, Team or Zoom, real time, face to face calls make communication easy.

Since 1955, Stein Seal Company has been a leading provider of custom designed seals and precision components for use in a wide variety of aerospace, marine and industrial applications.


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