Face Seals

Face Seals

Stein Seal’s extensive line of precision crafted face seals meets our customers’ demanding criteria for innovation, performance, versatility and reliability. Whether used independently or as part of a sealing system, our face seals are the smart choice for gas and liquid applications that require high-pressures and high shaft speeds, with moderate axial shaft movement.

Common applications include gearboxes, aircraft engine main shafts, compressors, pumps, and propulsion systems. Our seals are fast and easy to install, maintain and replace to minimize downtime and reduce cost. Configurations include standard single ring, back-to-back, face-to-face, or a tandem arrangement.


Key Face Seal Features:

  • Efficiently manage radial shaft movements while maintaining low leakage rates
  • Leakage rates remain constant over the life of the seal ensuring consistent, reliable sealing
  • Pressure balanced for higher delta pressure capability and decreased heat generation for long seal life
  • Designed to tolerate sudden pressure reversals, such as in chemical gas applications

Types of Face Seals:

  • Contacting (rubbing)
  • Non-contacting (film riding)
    • Hydrodynamic
    • Hydrostatic

General Face Seal Performance Characteristics:

  • Shaft rotation speeds up to 152.4 meter per second (500 feet per second)
  • Temperatures ranges up to 538° C (1000° F)
  • Pressure ranges up to 1206 KPa (175 psid)
  • Shaft diameters range from 12.7 millimeters (0.500 inches) with the maximum determined by the application requirements


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