Circumferential Seals

Stein Seal’s line of precision crafted circumferential sealing devices is perfect for low-pressure applications where minimal, controlled gas leakage, high temperatures, unlimited axial shaft movement and low wear are critical.



Stein’s design and technical expertise in the manufacture of seals has resulted in a bellows seal with reliable, consistent performance unusual in the industry.

Face Seals

Stein Seal’s extensive line of precision crafted face seals meets our customers’ demanding criteria for innovation, performance, versatility and reliability.


Film Riding Seals

The Stein Seal Company has developed an innovative, patented, Film Riding (Dry Gas) Circumferential (Ring) Seal (FRCS). The FRCS seal utilizes carbon rings that ride on a film of gas resulting in an infinite wear life in theory.


Stein’s bushing seals are the perfect choice for high-pressure gas and liquid applications. Each bushing seal is custom designed to fit the application and is often combined with our other seals to create sealing systems that meet the most stringent operating requirements.

API 682 Seals

The Stein Seal Company has developed API (American Petroleum Institute) 682 seals for the oil and gas industry market. Stein Seal has designed, manufactured and tested a Type A pusher seal, Arrangement 3, dual pressurized cartridge seal for this market.


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