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We Are Providers of Seals and Sealing Systems

A Member of Your Team

Our proven ability to work side-by-side with our customers as a team is the foundation for our continued success and growth. Our collaborative style means that we are able to deliver innovative solutions of significant value. This cooperative approach, our commitment to technological proficiency, and our wide-range of application experience have earned us the leadership position on which we are building for tomorrow.

How We Work with Your Team

The Stein Seal Company takes the position we are providing a sealing system solution to our customers not just a seal to fill a space.

We listen to the customer to learn the operating conditions, specifications and cost target to be met. Our company then develops a proposal to meet these requirements and review it with the customer where needed.

If issues remain we work with the customer to mitigate those issues. Our goal is working with the customer to meet their every expectation.


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1500 Industrial Boulevard | KulpsvillePA 19443-0316


+1 215-256-0201

Stein Seal Company
P.O. Box 316
1500 Industrial Blvd.
Kulpsville, PA 19443-0316 U.S.A.