Advanced Intershaft Seal Test Rig

Written by George Schauer

May 24, 2021

Stein Seal Designs/Builds Advanced Intershaft Seal Test Rig –


Stein Seal® Company not only designs and manufactures precision mechanical seals for state-of-the-art applications, but we also offer testing of these advanced seals in our custom designed test rigs.

In Stein Seals® engineering test lab we can accurately simulate the extreme limits of operating conditions, which allows us to precisely predict and verify performance under the most rigorous operating conditions.

We are pleased to announce that we started operation our second Intershaft Seal Test Rig.

This newly built rig has two independently controlled spindles that allow the testing of intershaft seals such as piston rings.

The rig has fully automatic data collection and control via National Instruments hardware and software and can run a fully automatic test cycle 24/7. The control computer allows the operator to monitor the seal and rig performance in real time with control limits set for critical parameters.


Features and Capabilities;

Rotation:               30,000 rpm on the high-speed spindle, 18,000 rpm on the low-speed spindle, counter rotating or co-rotating

Seal Air:                150 psi, 850°F, 120 SCFM

Runner/Seal Oil:   100 psi, 250°F,  5 gpm

Dynamic temperature monitoring of outer shaft via infra-red pyrometers.


For more information, please contact:

Joseph Pax

Engineering Test Lab Manager

Stein Seal Company

215-256-0201 X329



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