• Main Shaft Seals
  • Gearbox Seals
  • APU Seals
  • OEM Design
  • FAA Repair Station
  • Spare Replacement Kits

Nuclear Seals

  • Reactor Cooling Pump Seals
  • Critical Components Mfg

Marine Seals

  • Bulkhead Seals
  • Gearbox Seals

Power Generation

  • Hydrogen Cooled Generator Seals
  • Cooling Pump Seals
  • Land Based Gas Turbine Seals
  • Gearbox Seals 

"Providing Precision Seals For Over 65 Years"

"Your first choice for Seals and Components"

“Quality Beyond Expectations”

“Aerospace - Nuclear - Industrial”

“Stein Seal is your natural first choice for precision custom sealing solutions”

-Phil Stein




Using advanced engineering technologies and industry-standard design tools, Stein capitalizes on its 65+ years of design, engineering, and development.

Tools such as coordinate measuring machines (CMM) with scanning capabilities for mechanical inspection activities, ANSYS Finite Element Analysis software, a comprehensive tool for the Analytical solutions supported by certified engineers. Finite element analysis: Static, dynamic, thermal, vibration, and fatigue. Computational fluid dynamics: Fluid flow, pressure drop, and thermal change.

Stein has developed over 100 proprietary design and analysis tools. Specialized software, tools, and apps to support the reengineering process. These design and engineering tools serve as the basis of our seal design acumen but support the further development of mechanical, design, engineering, and systems features.

Stein’s precision machining expertise coupled with quality controls built into every step of the process means that our products not only meet, but also exceed the most stringent industry and military standards.

For over 65 years the Stein Seal Company has manufactured, repaired, overhauled and redesigned seals and sealing systems for industrial, aerospace and other applications.

In Stein’s test lab, we can accurately simulate the extreme limits of operating conditions, which allows us to accurately predict and verify performance under the most rigorous operating conditions.


Pennsylvania, USA

Stein Seal Industrial Division
(Outside Philadelphia)
Yucatan, Mexico

Seal and Metal Products
of Latin America
Czech Republic
Stein Seal Czech s.r.o.

Stein Seal News

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Advanced Intershaft Seal Test Rig

Advanced Intershaft Seal Test Rig

Stein Seal Designs/Builds Advanced Intershaft Seal Test Rig -   Stein Seal® Company not only designs and manufactures precision mechanical seals for state-of-the-art applications, but we also...

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Machinist – CNC/Manual Grinder

Machinist – CNC/Manual Grinder

Stein Seal is GROWING!!! Are you serious about your trade? What’s the future prospect for your career & company? If these issues matter to you, current and long-term projected growth has created...

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Manual Machinist – Manufacturing 

Manual Machinist – Manufacturing   Stein Seal is GROWING!!! Are you serious about your trade? What’s the future prospect for your career & company? If these issues matter to you, current and...

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Production Workers – Carbon Cell

Production Workers – Carbon Seal Stein Seal Company located in Kulpsville PA is a growing manufacturer of precision mechanical seals used in aircraft engines, generators, pumps, and other precision...

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Since 1955, Stein Seal Company has been a leading provider of custom designed seals and precision components for use in a wide variety of aerospace, marine and industrial applications.

Careers – “We are Growing!”

Working at Stein

Stein Seal knows it is the knowledge, expertise and effort of our employees that allows us to maintain our position as the premier supplier of seals and specialty machined components. Therefore we make every effort to offer a superior range of benefits along with providing a workplace environment complete with the newest in machinery, technology and educational opportunities.

Our location, just northwest of Philadelphia PA, provides the best in both suburban and metropolitan living with excellent housing, school systems and a wide variety of cultural opportunities.

We welcome your examination of the career opportunities we currently have available, and to contact us with your job qualifications. Stein Seal is an Equal Opportunity Employer.


  • Pension Plan – 100% Company Paid
  • 401 (k) Retirement Savings Plan
  • Comprehensive Medical Coverage Including
    • Vision
    • Prescription
  • Dental Plan
  • Extensive Insurance Coverage For
    • Life
    • Short-Term Disability
    • Long-Term Disability
  • Tuition Refund Programs
  • Credit Union Participation
  • Generous Paid Vacations and 9 Paid Holidays Annually
  • Competitive Salaries
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“We are GROWING”

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