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We Are Providers of Seals and Sealing Systems

Proven By History

Since 1955, Stein Seal Company has been a leading provider of custom designed seals and precision components for use in a wide variety of aerospace, marine and industrial applications. Starting in a rented space with five employees, Stein Seal steadily grew into the recognized industry leader we are today. In 1987, we moved into our own modern manufacturing plant, and with building additions over the years, now have over 100,000 square feet in this highly specialized facility.

As a privately owned company, we have remained focused on our long-term growth strategy regardless of economic and market fluctuations. With over 200 employees and manufacturing facilities strategically located both inside and out of the United States, Stein Seal, along with its affiliated companies, is ideally positioned to provide design, development, sales and service worldwide.

Stein Seal’s expertise lies in the design, testing and manufacture of seals and precision components for the demanding and critical applications in military and commercial aircraft engines, power generation equipment, pumps, compressors, centrifuges, and both the military and commercial marine industry. Surpassing our customers’ expectations by setting the highest standards for design proficiency and originality, constantly investigating new materials and processes, and refining our ability to manufacture to rigorous tolerances have made us the premier supplier of seals and specialty machined components.

Company History Timeline

Date Event
1955 Stein Seal Company founded by Dr. Philip C. Stein in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
1955 Worlds first mainshaft circumferential seal assembly (three ring configuration) designed and manufactured to replace labyrinth for an aerospace gas turbine
1956 Worlds first mainshaft circumferential seal assembly (single ring configuration) designed and manufactured as an enhancement over the three ring design
1959 U.S. Patent received for the Circumferential Segmented Contacting Seal Design invented by Dr. Philip C. Stein
1960 Bissinger & Stein established to manufacture parts for Stein Seal Company
1961 Designed and Manufactured the Nuclear Reactor Control Rods and Seals for the NS Savannah, the World’s First Nuclear Powered Commercial Ship
1962 Purchased 20th and Indiana facility in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania as Stein Seal Company grew.
1963 First commercial nuclear reactor cooling pump with seals designed and manufactured by Stein Seal Company to replace less efficient “canned” pumps
1965 First Quality Assurance Manual written
1966 First Gas Turbine Metal Segmented Static Seal designed and manufactured
1966 Stein Seal Company chosen by General Electric to design and manufacture aerospace gas turbine mainshaft seals for the Boeing Supersonic Transport (SST)
1967 Purchased our first NC (Numerically Controlled) machine
1967 First Bellows Seal manufactured
1968 First Hydrodynamic Liquid Face Seal Assembly designed and manufactured for industrial application
1973 Design and sale of the first Stein Seal Company Pipe Tester
1974 First Hydrodynamic Gas Face Seal Assembly designed and manufactured for industrial application
1977 Manufactured and sold Stein Seal Company’s first Service Rig truck for the oil and gas industry
1977 First sale in Japan to Tomoe
1978 U.S. Patent Received for Hydroload Seal design. 
1980 Engineering moves from Philadelphia to King of Prussia, Pennsylvania as Stein Seal Company grows
1981 First computer used at Stein Seal Company for seal designing 
1982 Philip Stein Jr. becomes President of Bissinger & Stein Inc.
1984 Chosen by Pratt and Whitney to design and manufacture the mainshaft seals for the F119 aerospace gas turbine
1985 First use of CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine)
1986 First sale to Garrett (now Honeywell) for turbine engines
1986 Stein Seal Company consolidates most of its operations from Philadelphia and King of Prussia to new location in Kulpsville, Pennsylvania
1987 Stein Seal Company’s first display booth at the Turbo Show in Houston, Texas
1989 Philip Stein Jr. becomes President of Stein Seal Company
1991 Long term Preferred Supplier contract signed with Allison (now Rolls Royce) for Turbine engine seals
1991 First use of CAD (Computer Aided Drawings) program at Stein Seal Company
1992 Stein Seal Company won the contract to become the long term supplier of seals for the CF34-3 aerospace gas turbine
1993 Designed and built the first intershaft seal rig for testing aerospace gas turbine seal designs at Stein Seal Company. 
1994 Hydrogen Cooled Generator seal development started
1996 First certified to ISO-9001
1996 Built addition to the facility to double our company’s capacity 
1997 Test Lab moved from Philadelphia to Kulpsville, Pennsylvania increasing Test Lab area by 50%
1998 Small Lot Manufacturing cell established in manufacturing
1999 U.S. Patent received for the Hydrovent Seal design
1999 Stein Seal Company receives approval for an FAA Repair Station
2000 Stein Seal Company’s first display booth at a world class air show, Farnborough, England
2000 First Carbon Manufacturing Cell established
2001 Mexico facility established in Merida as Seal and Metal Products of Latin America
2001 First flight of the F-119 using Stein Seal Company mainshaft seals
2002 European Sales Office established in Surrey, England as Stein Seal UK Ltd.
2002 First Hydrogen Cooled Generator Seal Assembly put into service
2004 First dual spindle mill turn center put in service
2005 Developed and built a full scale 2250 psid Hydrostatic Seal test cell
2006 First Metal Manufacturing Cell established
2007 Chosen by General Electric to design and manufacture the mainshaft seals for the GenX™ gas turbine engine
2008 India facility established in Bangalore as Stein Seal Company (India) Pvt.Ltd.
2009 Developed the first Hydrodynamic Circumferencial Seal for large axial translations
2010 Selected by Rolls-Royce for the development of the Trent XWB mainshaft seals
2010 Stein Seal Company purchased a building in near by Telford, Pennsylvania to expand its operations as growth continues
2011 Stein Seal Company earns Nadcap certificate for Welding
2012 Stein Seal Company establishes subsidiary, Stein Seal Industrial Division, as an industrial seal repair center
2012 Expansion of plant in Mexico by 45,000 Square Feet
2013 Constructed 2nd test set-up for Dynamically Testing Nuclear Circulating Pump Seals at 2,000 PSI
2014 Finished renovation of Kulpsville plant
2014 Installed new Grob 5 Axis Mil-Turn center
2015 Stein Seal Celebrates 60th Anniversary
2015 Dedicated 10th Metallic Machining Cell at Kulpsville
2015 Aerospace Seal Repair Station becomes EASA Certified
2016 Installed second Grob 5 Axis Mil-Turn Center
2016 Exploring 3D Printing for aerospace parts
2016 Began installation of new Enterprise Resource Planning system

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